About Us

How Davis Machine, LLC was founded:

Davis Machine LLC was founded in the 1950’s in Parker, Idaho, by Floyd Ervin Davis. Floyd started a sawmill on his property by his house and later turned it into a machine shop. The business grew. When Floyd passed away his son, Darrell Wayne Davis, took over the business. Darrell grew the business building truck beds, pilers, dirt eliminators, and just about anything that someone thought up to have them build. Darrell passed away in October of 1999. Darrell’s son, Darren Scott Davis, took over ownership of the business. The business grew even more. Darren passed away in a tragic accident not far from his home in 2018. His wife Cathy Marie (Voss) Davis has continued to keep the business running to this day.

Darren Scott Davis:

Darren is very intelligent just like his father Darrell Wayne Davis and his grandpa Floyd Ervin Davis. Darren first started going to work with his father at the tender age of eight. Darren developed an unsurpassed ability to be able to engineer things out of his head. He did not need to put ideas on paper first. Darren cared about people and always tried to help them out any way he could. Darren was a fun, kind, caring person. He was very serious about his work and the products he engineered and fabricated. Honesty and integrity were a big part of his life. He always made time for his wife no matter how busy he was. People would say that when they first met him, he was like their best friend. He cared about how he treated others.

Why we are in business:

Darren Scott Davis enjoyed working with people. He told his wife, Cathy, that if anything were to happen to him that his desire would be that Davis Machine, LLC continues. He wanted the business to stay intact so that it would continue to serve the farmers, his friends, and the public with whatever was needed. Cathy has continued to keep the business open and many of Darren’s friends continue to come in. Sometimes they just want to visit. Out of respect and love for Darren Cathy has continued to keep her promise to Darren and keep the business running.